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rgaphotoI’ve been deeply involved with intellectual property and technology-related business and legal matters since 1981. Collectively, these pursuits are a significant component of innovation strategy, which seeks to transform research into products in a planned and intentional manner.  And I’m fascinated by the science of life and its interface with business strategy.  So I really enjoy helping entrepreneurial clients — both small and large — succeed in planning for and translating research results into vital health care and research products.

My clients and employers primarily have been in the life sciences sector.  They have included start-ups, small to mid-size biotech firms and large pharmaceutical companies in addition to medical device and chemical companies.  I have advised private and public businesses as well as major academic institutions and not-for-profit biomedical research institutes, in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Asia.  In the nonprofit category, clients also have included genomic research institutes, health advocacy groups and animal welfare organizations.

My career

My career started with patents and technology transactions.  I’ve served a wide variety of clients as a senior partner at two international law firms, Morgan Lewis and Morrison & Foerster as well as in my current practice.  My professional experience includes work in the fields of therapeutics, medical diagnostics, genomics, proteomics, and personalized medicine.  And I developed a broader legal and business skill set as the general counsel of the Venter Institute for Genomic Research and Correlogic Systems, where I served as a corporate officer as well as counsel at both of those enterprises.  Also, I was the founding director of the NIH Office of Technology Transfer during its early implementation of the Federal Technology Transfer Act.  I have supported and done business development, and I have consulted extensively on IP strategies for the pipeline products of a major pharmaceutical company.

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